Aid and Development


Greenlight is a social Justice initiative that sees a team of skilled volunteers go out onto the streets of London in the evenings on a medical van to offer minimal invasive medical care, and provide advice to rough sleepers.

According to recent research over 5000 different people slept rough last year on the streets of London. This doesn’t include London’s hidden homeless.

Life on the streets is far from a pleasant experience, in fact the conditions rough sleepers find themselves in are often frightening, dangerous and very degrading. Add to this the noises of the busy streets, the cold climate, and the lack of sanitation it is no surprise that rough sleepers often suffer with poor health, both physically and mentally, making if difficult to move forward in life.

Greenlight was launched to challenge this. Our aim is to meet some immediate medical needs and provide relevant education that will contribute to improving the health of London’s homeless community, aiding them in their quest to spring the trap of homelessness on their life.

To find out more about Greenlight and how you can personally contribute talk to a host at church on Sunday.