Aid and Development

I Care Revolution

The I Care Revolution is a movement of OUR GENERATION who have been moved by INJUSTICE IN OUR WORLD and who want to MAKE A DIFFERENCE. Despite the depravity of growing up in London and all the challenges we face every day of our normal lives - we can make a difference.

The "I Care Revolution" is the community youth arm of "Hillsong Church London". We believe in every young person despite their race, religion, background or experiences in life. We believe that there is potential in the emerging generation and believe that we can help release the unique potential inside every young person by offering practical help with the issues that every young person faces every day of their life.

The I Care Revolution is about changing the mind-sets of London's youth by encouraging them to be the difference. It's about telling the kids that they are not worthless and that they have a future not matter where they come from or what their background is.

To find out more about the I Care Revolution and how you can personally contribute talk to a host at church on Sunday.